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Silvia Stagg For President 2011 - 2036...Republican or Democrat...
...until we get there!

Republican/Independent Write-In Presidential Candidate
Nov 5-2016 General Election 

Silvia Stagg's Campaign Schedule

Silvia Stagg Will Most Likely Continue As A Republican Write-In Candidate!

2011 - 2012 National Primaries - General Election
2015 - 2016 National Primaries - General Election
2019 - 2020 National Primaries - General Election
2023 - 2024 National Primaries - General Election
2027 - 2028 National Primaries - General Election
2031 - 2032 National Primaries - General Election
2035 - 2036 National Primaries - General Election


Silvia Stagg Is Available For  Speaking Engagements,
Interviews, And Debate!  

  Transportation - Hotel-Motel and Meal Expenses Must Be Provided By Host For Appearances - Thank you!


Silvia Stagg Republican Candidate
For US President 2011 - 2036!
I am a National Security Victim Witness, and US Presidential Candidate.  Since August 4-2011, I am filed with the FEC/Federal Election Commission and the US Office of Government Ethics as your only Life Extension - Most Trusted Programs Candidate accepted by both the Republican and Democratic National Parties as their US Presidential Candidate as a matter of national security! 

The term Most Trusted was a name given to me by the United States Department of Justice Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI/Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller after investigating myself, my handwriting and content analysis of my submission to the US Dept of Justice. A designation I am proud of, you can be sure!

While working on my victim witness case, for nearly two years, I became a Church Choir Member and Church Reader for the Catholic Church and Episcopal Church located in Niagara Falls-New York. While I was a Choir Member, I was again Baptized Catholic and Confirmed as a Catholic at Holy Family's Churches: Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Joseph on April-3-2010.

Being a member of the well known Benitez-Rexach family of Puerto Rico, I was born in Brooklyn New York (Kings County) on July 27-1957. I am one quarter German, Polish, Puerto Rican/Spanish and French. For one year each, I lived in Puerto Rico and Mexico as a child.  For Five years I was married to the son of a former Consulate General-Charge D'Affairs to Manhattan-New York City from Panama, Juan Antonio Stagg. My mother, 'Marion' graduated Valedictorian from St. Anne's Parochial High School and unlike her brother completed two years of Business College  and became a  Businesswoman who owned a garment factory in China Town-Manhattan-New York.  During the late 1960s, after selling her Garment Factory, my mother was later employed for one year by the FDA/Food and Drug Administration in Washington-DC, while my step-father was a US Secret Service Agent at the White House for Lyndon Baines Johnson.  My uncle, mother's brother, graduated with honors from Princeton University-New Jersey and retired from the lifelong position of Post Master from the US Postal Services Cherry Hill-New Jersey, and his first daughter followed in his footsteps graduating from Princeton University with Honors! In 1992, before realizing I was a National Security Victim Witness, I continued developing my Photography-Art Studio, advertising in a fair amount of publications, including Forbes Magazine 2/1993.   My business closed down January 1995, forcing me to dedicate myself to fighting against the injustices of Black Ops Technology abuses.

Help me to save our endangered world and our precious and endangered  White Christian European Descent Race now facing Race Extinction within One Hundred Years by making me your US President!  Do whatever you can to assist me in accessing the Ballot in every County in all Fifty States of these United States of America as your Presidential Candidate. Kindly Contact The National Committee Chairs in Washington D.C. for both the Republican and Democratic Parties, and their State Party Chairs-Vice Chairs in all Fifty States, and  State Directors of each Divsion of Elections. Lastly,  assist me in Campaign Fund Raising the only obstacles to my being placed on the ballot in every County in all Fifty (50) US States of these United States of America!

Silvia Stagg
A Good Gnome Individual
National Security Victim Witness
US Presidential Candidate
Filed FEC/Federal Election Commission 
US Office of Government Ethics
since August 4-2011


Thank you for participating to positively transform the world through your financial donations to ensure Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs with Life Extension Becomes A Reality!


Updated FEC Candidate Information

Presidential Planet Management Programs

Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs 
created by Silvia Stagg    

 Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs
Created by Silvia Stagg
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 Your Campaign Contributions Are Always Needed!
Only US Citizens and US Residents Are Allowed To Give Campaign Contributions To US Candidates and Contributions are generally limited to Twenty Five Hundred – Five Thousand US Dollars (US$2,500.00 – US$5,000.00) Per Person Per Primary-General Election Cycle, Total Per Person: US$5,000.00!  Additionally, we rarely have Runoffs. Yet, Runoffs allow for another $2,500.00 in Contributions per person.  Those who wish to support my US Presidency via “electioneering communications” without contacting myself are allowed to make unlimited contributions, and most likely requires an FEC Form Filed.  Contact FEC/Federal Elections Commission  (999 E St NW Wash-DC 20463 T: 800-424-9530 F: 202-501-3413 I: http://www.fec.gov/info/forms.shtml) for Forms-Information regarding necessary filing of FEC Forms for those making Campaign Contributions.  Anyone making Contributions to Silvia Stagg, as a National Security Victim Witness may do so without FEC Forms.
To Send Cash To: Silvia Stagg in Miami Florida 
(Dade County) via Money Wire/Money Transfer,
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Bank of America Routing Numbers
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Bank of America Bank Account Numbers
1) Silvia Stagg’s Personal Savings Account No.:   483032906838
2) Silvia Stagg’s Campaign Fund Account No.:
Kindly email Silvia Stagg (silviastaggforpresident@outlook.com) after making any Contributions and give Silvia Stagg your Name-Address-US Citizenship-US Resident Status. Only Cash Deposits, Money Wires, or Money Transfers are Acceptable! – Thank you!  
Vote For Life Extension,Vote For Silvia Stagg, This General Election 11-5-2016!
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Below: 1960's United States NASA Astronauts Moon Mission First Humans To Walk The Moon!

Below: Many Staff of Space X Are Former NASA!



Commander In Chief - President Dwight D. Eisenhower
"The People of the World truly want Peace, someday, the Governments of the World, are going to have to give it to Them."
Vote For Life Extension,Vote For Silvia Stagg, This General Election 11-5-2016!





Vote For Silvia Stagg For President...2011-2036...Republican or Independent...
...until we get there!

  Can you recognize the top five logical fallacies lobbed so far in this year's presidential campaign?